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makeup removal towel 50cm square (2 pack)

makeup removal towel 50cm square (2 pack)

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No more make up stains on your best bathtowels! "Bamboocare" branded makeup removal towel, 2 in a pack.  larger size 50cm x 50cm Ultra soft and gentle on young skin. for bedroom and bathroom use, wet or dry. 10 pack of 2 will last 12 months and save you money. Bamboocare makeup removal towels are washable not disposable and can be washed over and over again Bamboo is biodegradable without causing more landfill and clogging up the earth with synthetic disposable wipes. Made in our own small factory with cotton binding on all sides, a luxury product, will reduce the amount of arguments about using Mum's best bath and hand towels. bamboo is a viscose fibre  derived from naturally grown bamboo on the slopes of hills in China. *We have had our fabrics which our products are made from tested by the University of Central Lancashire School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in their laboratories, but because according to Trading Standards Dept Camden Council say had "carrying out studies in a laboratory setting where everything is staged is not a close enough replication to the real world for you to make the claims" we have had to remove the word ...... from our website.

Our bamboo viscose blend products have a 91% - 99% inhibition rate for staphylococcus aureus bacteria (24 hours). Also 85% inhibition rate for candida albicans bacteria (24 hours). They retain these anti-bacterial qualities even after numerous washes.


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