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cotsheets are soft and anti-bacterial (see (UCLAN below)

Cot sheet black ground
Cuddle robe Teddy Black ground









Bamboo Textiles Ltd is an innovative company.

Production of textile fibre made from bamboo was begun on an industrial scale and patented in China in 2001 and is considered a viscose fibre.

We set up the Company 14 years ago, having changed the name of a dormant subsidiary of Lantex,  to discover which products made from woven, knitted and non woven fabrics would suit different markets in the household and healthcare sectors. We have developed several products most of which are made in East Lancashire. These include washable, biodegradable nappy liners, antibacterial / bacteriostatic children's pyjamas, cotsheets, baby cuddlerobes and towels, luxury bedlinen and pillows.

 Bamboo bedlinen is extremely comfortable albeit expensive.

Research has been conducted with the help of Manchester University, University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)  in Preston, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Lancaster universities.

The company has got to the stage at which we want to link up with larger companies who can develop each of our products further.

If any of this is of any interest please email me

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