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a privileged start to life , bamboo cuddle robe, made in Lancashire

cuddle robe & mit

A sensational start to life.

If only there could be a way of touching your computer screen and feeling how soft the fabric is  

its the the feel of a combination of silk and cashmere.

but at a fraction of the cost.

Your new arrival deserves the best. 

The fibres are hollow, just as a bamboo cane is hollow. This allows the fabric to breathe and ensures that baby is cool in summer and warm in winter. On a practical note and due to the same property of bamboo fibres, it is easier to dry either in the fresh air outside or in your dryer.

We also recommend the 100% bamboo toweling for babies as bamboo is around 30% more absorbent than cotton, just a quick cuddle and a dab, baby is dry very quickly.

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