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Childrens bamboo Pyjamas and bamboo cot sheets

our boys and girls bamboo cotton pyjamas are soft, fit the body without lumpy creases and actually kill the bacteria which contributes to that irresistible itch which youngsters feel they have to scratch. Again because our bamboo cotton pyjamas are 30% more absorbent than ordinary cotton and a lot more absorbent than polycotton PJs. we are often asked if we have pyjamas for children over 10 but at that age children who suffer from eczema particularly are at an age when they are growing out of eczema and learning how to apply their own cream. However if customers want to give us some information about the level of demand we are only too anxious to help including making a bigger size. in fact though we get very few parents who tell us there is a need. We do get parents asking for them simply because they are beautifully soft and comfy.
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