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bamboo nappy liners reduce nappy costs and are good for Mother Earth






在水閘帶蓋子的桶,你將不得不把pooey尿布,但只有水,沒有漂白劑,你倒沾了水下來上廁所,然後把臟和漂洗的白色熱洗尿布襯墊。辛普萊斯。Go to the page to have a look

So Baby has a wee, just change the bamboo liner, baby has a poo, yes you will probably have to change the nappy, (maybe not)

Bamboo Nappy liners are made here in our little mill in Lancashire and fit inside disposable or washable nappies.

you save a lot of money as not so many disposable nappies go into the dustbin and Mother Earth does not have to deal with so many disposables.

You will have to put pooey nappies in a sluice bucket with a lid but only in water, no bleach, You pour the soiled water down the loo and then put the soiled and rinsed nappy liner in the white wash on hot. Simples.

Save money, save the earth with bamboo nappy liners.

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