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posseting cloths are cotton

muslin squares

our shoulder protecting and multi use cotton psoseting cloths are large, cheap and functional. why are they not made from bamboo? because the price would be prohibitive sorry

. What is the difference between possetting and actually being sick? Is it volume or consistency?  baby keeps bringing up quite a lot of milk but it's creamy and lumpy, like it has already been digested. He brought up quite a lot yesterday afternoon in 3 separate, but close together, lots and has just done it again. He seems happy enough in himself. I think he's getting over a cold - has has bunged nose, generally been unsettled etc

Understanding infant reflux

It's natural for a baby to bring up their milk on occasions - it's known as regurgitation or posseting, it is defined as the passage of stomach contents into the mouth and is particularly common in the first 12 months of life. However, it can be quite distressing for both of you. This article covers the symptoms of reflux and regurgitation, the causes and the action that your midwife or health visitor may take if your baby is diagnosed with it. If you think your baby is suffering from reflux or regurgitation then speak to your healthcare professional.

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