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Allergies and skin conditions


the blend of bamboo and cotton is a dynamic combination which reduces the growth of bacteria so ourbamboo/cotton textile products are a help to sufferers of skin conditions read more.

One of the reasons for founding bamboo textiles in 2008 was to help alleviate itchy skin through soft absorbent fabric next to the skin and cotton & bamboo towels which are anti bacterial as well as more absorbent than 100% cotton towels . cotton & Bamboo Pyjamas are made only in childrens sizes but we have had a lot of interest from mums of teenagers too.

We were asked to remove this claim by the ASA but when we have had the fabrics tested and the results were so positive we have not changed our claim. The trouble is we had someone who wanted to bury our little company and see the end to their competition.

All over the world tests have been carried out and we cannot ignore those very positive results which means that we in the UK can now also benefit. As a past sufferer the writer was not going to let dishonesty by third parties stop the benefit we bring to sufferers.

Eczema  sufferers know how appalling it is to lie in bed at night and find it excruciatingly compulsive to scratch. the writers daughters had the same problem and it is distressing to watch how they were tearing themselves. cutting finger nails helps but does not stop the compulsion.

Cotton bamboo cot sheets, cotton bamboo pyjamas and cotton bamboo sheets, cotton bamboo bedlinen and cotton bamboo pillowcases are such a relief, cooling and absorbent they are both helpful natural properties but anti bacterial too. Well that's important in quelling the problem.



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