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luxury bathrobes clearance

looking for luxury? our bamboo bathrobes are being redesigned so we are selling off the current bathrobes. we now have only large, extra large and XXL available. L, XL, XXL bamboo bathrobes left.

Luxury is an overused word to hype up products and experiences. WE say that these bamboo bathrobes really are wonderful to wera. Its amantle of calm which seems to happen when you slip into this epitome of relaxation.

so cosy but not sticky, that's because bamboo is anti bacterial and dries you 30% better than cotton. Yes bamboo is 30% approx more absorbent than cotto. not only do the natural properties of bamboo towelling fabric stop at that. Bamboo towel bathrobes are so soft its unbelievabl, Yes they cost quite a lot but for around 45 you can enjoy sitting in front of the fire or watch TV knowing this bathrobe will last a long time and is easily washed and dried.



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