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Our sale of bamboo/cotton bathrobes has commenced. You are lucky to find the last remaining stock on the Bamboo Textiles website and how cosseted and you are going to feel. we at Bamboo Textiles have decided to add a couple of extra features but that means the price has to rise a little, sorry. We have no small or medium sizes left, so get scoffing those cream cakes and pile high that plate so that our larger sizes fit you. yeees, why not. its not everything to walk around feeling too skinny. be happy , bigger people have more fun we say. you know we want to sell you these bathrobes so its only a bit of fun. you could wait a month or so before we make the new batch. but then get green our environmentally friendly bamboo cotton is also anti-bacterial, naturally. we think that our cream coloured soft gorgeous robes will take a bit of beating even though the only people who can do that convincingly is bamboo-textiles.  We want you to share the high life with those glamourous British Actresses and glamorous American actresses who don their bamboo bathrobes after a hard day at the salon having their nails buffed and unwanted layers skimmed off.  Such difficult work, especially whe one n has a line to learn. Do they worry about where the bamboo comes from. we hope so. its from China and is easily grown in plantations or in the wild , same thing really. no pandas are munching away at our bamboo, they dont like it so much as their regular type of bamboo. they do look beautiful though and so can you in one of our exquisite soft cuddly bamboo/cotton bathrobes


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