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baby will love our cot sheets


Bamboo and cotton are the fibres which go into Bamboo Textile super cot sheets.
It seems strange that we cannot send everyone  a cutting so that we can show you how soft the fabric is. but it is very difficult to cut up small pieces of teh bamboo cotton knitted fabric from  which the cot sheets are made. we have two sizes in stock, both can be regarded as versatile in size, they stretchand contract in size to fit the vast majority of cot mattress sizes.

we also have cot pillows and cot pillowcases, made from a soft woven fabric, the same material as our grown ups sheets and pillowcases.

We wish there is some beam me up scotty magical method of making it east to see and feel our baby bedlinen, perhaps within your lifetime but probably within baby's life time. So soft so neat and tidy, no creases if you are a good cot bed maker.

bamboo cot sheets , just spoil that baby!

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