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cool in blue Boys Pajamas or Pyjamas

bamboo and cotton girls pyjamas
Blue PJs

All we want to mention is that not only are these childrens pyjamas soft and comfy but also anti bacterial. For the lucky ones who are fit and healthy thats possibly of little importance but for those young ones who have a skin condtion then it is a huge relief to know that some bacteria cannot grow when on this fabric,an open wound included, so we believe that when the fabric is next to the skin as in the case of pyjamas then children will be able to fend off bugs much more effectively than merely letting mother nature take her course.

Then again it IS Mother Nature doing precisely that, our childrens pyjamas which are a light navy for boys and a pleasing subdued pink for girls have environmentally friendly bamboo and cotton yarn which is knitted into a soft stretchy fabric so comfortable you (Mum or Dad) will want some. Sorry we haven't got adult sizes.

isn't it annoying for young and youthful parents when your children find a garment (and lets not stop at that) which they like and is probably not too young looking for them but they are not sold in adult sizes,


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