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baby cuddle robes are the 2nd best Chritmas present

face cloth 3
cuddle robe & mit

cuddle robe the perfect gift from Granny and your best friends to the new baby

bamboo baby cuddle robes are second only to a new baby itself as a Christmas present or Christmas Gift from Granny . what could be more delightful than a Christmas time arrival baby boy or baby girl.

Our bamboo and cotton blend are so soft and are also anti bacterial so if you want the best for baby choose a bamboo-textiles

baby cuddle robe which has a little cosy hood and little wash cloth to wipe that wobbly bottom lip or stray milk

Bamboo fibre is softer than silk when spun into yarn. the cross section of each fibre is fille with micro gaps leadint much better ventilation then is tremendously absorbent too. not to mention that bamboo is naturally organically grown .

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