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Renewable Solutions are offering a great idea

PV panels dalt put on

Renewable Solutions of Liverpool installed our 100 square metre solar panel array which has to date saved around 6 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere because we are generating our own electricity instead of using power from the National Grid which is mainly generated by burning coal, oil and gas in the generation of electricity.

Renewable Solutions Heat Pump installations provide domestic central heating and hot water requirements. They are a leading systems installer who do not use subcontractors. Their Grid Buddy system allows you to STORE unused electricity from the day (which you would only export at 1.5p per kwh (per unit) and USE IT AT NIGHT (making it worth 14p per unit instead) and saving on your electricity bill of average 230 per year.

Ou roof mounted photovoltaic system cannot do this at the moment but we are asking Renewable Solutions to quote. We recommend Renewable Solutions to our bamboo cotsheets, bamboo bedlinen and bamboo pyjamas customers.

Renewable Solutions UK Ltd can be contacted on and by phone on 0845 224 7001 (local rate)

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