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*Wakes were originally religious festivals that commemorated church dedications, although in Derbyshire at least it is commonly held that it dates back to pagan times. During the Industrial Revolution the tradition of the wakes was adapted into a regular summer holiday particularly, but not exclusively, in the north of England and industrialised areas of the Midlands where each locality would nominate a wakes week during which the industries would close down for a week. The wakes holiday was an unpaid holiday when the mills and factories were closed for maintenance. In 1906 an agreement on unpaid holidays was reached which became the pattern for the wakes holidays in the Lancashire mill towns. It was implemented in 1907. The expansion of the railway network led Blackpool to become a seaside resort catering mainly for the Lancashire working classes. Southport catered for the slightly better off and Morecambe attracted visitors from the West Riding textile towns.

All this was before Bamboo was started as a fibre for spinning then weaving into Bamboo T shirts, Bamboo Duvet covers, bamboo childrens pyjamas, bamboo kitchen cloth, bamboo pillows, bamboo cot sheets and bamboo socks

There is a merry, happy time,
To grace withal this simple ryhme:
There is jovial, joyous hour,
Of mirth and jollitty in store:
The Wakes! The Wakes!
The jocund wakes!
My wandering memory now forsakes
The present busy scene of things,
Erratic upon Fancy's wings,
For olden times, with garlands crown'd
And rush-carts green on many a mound.
In hamlets bearing a great name,
The first in astronomic fame.
From The Village Festival by Droylsden poet Elijah Ridings.[2]

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