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the increased damage done by hurricanes cannot be be ascribed to climate change , this is  not a commonly held belief. Innovation in producing renewable energy needs much more money throwing at it to get it to become cheaper than fossil fuels.

The direct result would be to ensure that those who cannot currently afford renewables projects would in future be able to do so.

There is a plethora of ideas and they can all be tried out surely.surely to goodness

One of the ways we believe is grow more bamboo which absorbs CO2. Isn't this rather too obvious.

It will also make bamboo fibre cheaper.. there are so many other advantages. soil stabilisation, produces more oxygen, looks like its all staring us in the face but nobody wants to even consider it.

Bamboo grows at a rate of 100cms per day and is therefore oxygen producing like no other plant as it is also so densely grown and even more so in the wild.

Our bamboo sheets , bamboo pillow cases , babmoo cot sheets bamboo towels bamboo pyjamas and bamboo wipes would all come down in price.

Thats a side benefit which is also something to consider

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