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bamboo flexes its roots

We are much more flexible than bamboo which is used for scaffolding and has to be very rigid.

We are based in Lancashire but most of our customers will not realise that we are also commited to helping the environmental balance beyond our own town.

We are open minded but there seems to be a greater groundswell of people who do not want alternative power generation on their doorstep. Have we any choice but to accept wind turbines on our horizon. We think it is doubtful as there is a target to meet by 2020

Our bamboo / cotton sheets are beautiful but also practical, they do not contain polyester (as in polycotton) which is not biodegradable. Waste can be burned as well as buried. All our products are vegetable based, cotton as well as bamboo. When finally you our customers decide to dispose of our worn out products and they are no longer useable be of joyous heart! It can all go into bio-mass. BUT click on this and lets not have the wool pulled over our eyes,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=b52565719a354932&biw=994&bih=526

Wood was once our main fuel. We burned it to heat our homes and cook our food.

Wood still provides a small percentage of the energy we use, but its importance as an energy source is dwindling.

Sugar cane is grown in some areas, and can be fermented to make alcohol, which can be burned to generate power.
Alternatively, the cane can be crushed and the pulp (called "bagasse") can be burned, to make steam to drive turbines.

Other solid wastes, can be burned to provide heat, or used to make steam for a power station.

"Bioconversion" uses plant and animal wastes to produce "biofuels" such as methanol, natural gas, and oil.

We can use rubbish, animal manure, woodchips, seaweed, corn stalks and other wastes.

Energy & Utilities
 Scottish Power is to invest 3bn in its
electricity networks and renewable energy
projects in Scotland over the next ten years.
The move will create 1,500 jobs.
 International Power is planning to close its
BalaHouse energy marketing centre in Deeside
within two years. Some of the 160 staff will
relocate to London and other sites in Wales.
 STEAG New Energies has won planning
permission to build a 25MW biomass power
plant at Ridham Dock in Kent. The plant will
be fuelled by waste wood.
 Air Products has won approval to build a
49MW waste-to-energy plant in Billingham.
The move will create up to 50 jobs.
 Drax Power has won government approval to
build two new biomass power stations at Selby
in Yorkshire and South Killingholme in North
East Lincolnshire.
 Edinburgh-

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