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sweat towels from bamboo textiles ltd. Zumba dancers will love them.


made in the traditional heartland of textiles, Lancashire in Great Britain, what is bamboo doing out of its traditional home? Sweat towels and gym towels to wipe your brow
. even Zumba class matesare recommending them. Don't you think Zumba is wonderful? Lancashire made sweat towels are all the rage, they are one of our best selling products. we think Zumba will really catch on try it.

sewn with a pink trim or a blue trim or a bright lime green trim our sweat towels are ideal for those ladies and gentlemen who need to wipe away the glow of exercise. more absorbent and much softer than cotton our gym sweat towels are available for sale and we have plenty of stock to keep the iron pumpers and runners dry and comfy. easy to wash and posh to flash, our bamboocare sweat towels are as good as you can find anywhere in the world. from hotter climes bamboo is grown in the most ecologically friendly way and grows fast to, 100cms per day. try keeping up with that. makes you sweat just thinking about it.  all our towelling is 30% more absorbent than cotton and luxuriously soft too.

we think you might like to go straight to our shop for a gym sweat towel

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