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There are pink members, there are blue members but its not politics. Bamboo Textiles ltd have Children's Pyjamas, come into the comfort zone. The club members are age one to nine (age 1-9). and everyone will sleep soundly
Bamboo cotton blend pyjamas are the ultimate, not just because they are warm in winter (and its coming there is nothing more sure) but cotton blended with bamboo. 30% 70% blend bamboo pyjamas or cotton pyjamas. you can have both in one pair. No not a leg of cotton and a leg of bamboo!

we have had these childrens bamboo cotton pyjamas made specially in a good quality knitted fabric which leaves the high street and multiples behind.

Beautifully made they will make a great gift and we realise they are practical but we forecast that they will be a favourite present.

Pink for girls and blue for boys from age 1 to 9.  Predictable? yes but still childrens favourite.

Pink pyjamas for girls and blue pyjamas for boys - safe colours yes.  made out of bamboo, well thats a surprise!


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