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bamboo pyjamas on the ski slope

a great idea suggested by one of our many intelligent customers. boys bamboo pyjamas and girls bamboo pyjamas to wear under a ski suit.  It seemed obvious but so many good ideas are when you have been given them by the inventive people who come up with them.

boys SkiJamas and girls skijamas was the word they thought of to describe the highly absorbent bamboo and cotton blend pyjamas normally worn for bed but ideal for skiing in, stretch, soft, comfy and tight enough to make sure those annoying creases don't form und
er your ski suit.

the best thing about them is not only are the comfortable ans soft but they have elasticated cuffs and elasticated ankles.


And then when your children get home those dreams about whizzing down the slope are all the more realistic when they are wearing those same bamboo pyjamas for bed.

(we also make bamboo sheets on which to ski to the foot of the bed!)

27th November 2011, 19:05

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