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bamboo cotton childrens pyjamas stops the bugs biting

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a good night's sleep for children is essential to help them at school the following day, give mums and dads some peace too, and no grumpy kids at the breakfast table!

New from Bamboo Textiles Ltd, bamboo cotton pyjamas which reflect that old saying which comes from medieval times.

"good night, sleep tight watch the bugs don't bite" in those times long ago the beds that well off people slept on had ropes strung from one side of the bed to the other and from one end to the other too so that when they became stretched they simply put wedges ( no not that sort naughty thats a wedgie) into the side and top loops to tighten the ropes  hence sleep tight!

Bamboo pyjamas prevent bugs or bacteria from multiplying and even kill 95% of them so that if the little boy or little girl has a cut, graze the chance that the scratch will become infected could be very much reduced.

Environmental fact of the day! the outer atmosphere receives over 1,400 megawatts of solar energy per square kilometre every minute.

half of this reaches the earth and is far more than is generated by all the current (sorry) means! the new and earth saving renewables, hydro, wave, wind turbines and solar panels to name some but also the non renewables, oil, gas, coal.



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