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As the name infers we make Bamboo textile products in Lancashire. The wide range of products includes nappies, bedlinen, cot sheets & childrens pyjamas, household cleaning cloths. All products are 100% biodegradable.

What is eco innovative about these products?

Growing bamboo takes up more greenhouse gases than cotton in fact it converts 35% more oxygen from carbon dioxide than trees because it grows faster.

In cultivation bamboo needs no irrigation, no pesticides, no chemical fertiliser

We have had many samples of fabric tested by the microbiologists. The results show that Bamboo and bamboo combined with cotton are naturally anti bacterial.

To decrease landfill, Local councils are trying to persuade young mums to change from using disposable nappies to using washable nappies such as bamboo by reimbursing about 25% of the cost of buying washable nappies.

Bamboo Textiles Ltd has developed a washable product which will help to wean mothers off disposables on the way to using fully washables.

Currently in the borough of Blackburn & Darwen there are enough disposables binned every day to fill a double decker bus (thatís why you canít find a bus in Blackburn!). 

Products include   Bamboo and bamboo/cotton  blend duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, cot sheets,  childrens pyjamas, baby cuddle robes, baby towels, bathroom towels, nappies and nappy liners, socks, T Shirts, janitorial and household wipes and cleaning cloths.


The price of cotton in the bale has shot up by 200% this year during March and April so Bamboo is relatively less in price now than it was at the beginning of 2010.

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