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Absorbency claims bamboo is 30% better

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One of the best properties of bamboo is its high absorbency, children's bamboo pyjamas for both boys and girls are much cooler than poly cotton or even cotton pyjamas. click on this title for more information.

Some online retailers claim that bamboo is 300% more absorbent than cotton but not according to our information.

Bamboo is 30% more absorbent than cotton. Our children's pyjamas (childrens bamboo pajamas) are 65% bamboo 35%cotton as this is the optimum combination of two wonderful naturallly grown fibres.

Children's bamboo pyjamas are cool in the summer and lovely and soft too. Boys in navy and girls in pink.

Navy boys bamboo pyjamas and pink girls bamboo pyjamas may sound conventional colours but Bamboo Textiles pyjamas are anything but conventional. Bamboo has been described as the fibre for the 21st century.

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