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photovoltaic panels on Bamboo Textiles factory roof

We are in the middle of having PV (photovoltaic) panels installed on our roof. We at Bamboo Textiles are acutely aware that there are national targets to be met to produce energy from renewable sources.
Renewable energy sources, also known as natural sources of energy including hydro electric power. Nationally the combination of wind, solar, wave and tidal evens out the shortcomings of any type of natural source of energy for example solar energy is not produced at night time.
Producing bamboo nappies, bamboo cot sheets and other eco friendly textile products such as bamboo cotton bath towels makes us look to the future of technology.

We cannot understand why more companies are not installing PV panels and similar solar panels on their roofs to generate electricity and hot water.

Lancashire County Council have helped us financially to pay for the installation by a verry good installer/supplier Renewable Solutions Ltd of Liverpool.

The Carbon Trust are helping with an interest free loan


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