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let your baby's skin breathe with bamboo cot sheets

The characteristics of bamboo fibe combine to produce an amazing mix of trully revolutionary properties.
Take for example bamboo socks and bamboo cot-sheets. The fineness of the fibre combined with the natural anti-bacterial property of bamboo kun makes bamboo the foremost organic fabric and environmentally friendly cot sheets and healthy socks.

Bamboo is grown using no pesticides and no land degradation from water irrigation.

Sleeping in Polycotton sheets is akin to sleeping in to wearing a polybag, well not quite as cotton is absorbent but polyester hardly is.

Bamboo is 30% MORE ABSORBENT THAN COTTON - FACT.  We at Bamboo Textiles are utterly convinced that bamboo products are the way forward to a better, greener, healthier world. We recommend our Bridgedale walking socks to those who need to get a spring in their step and our organically grown bamboo and cotton blend cot sheets will give baby  a proud start to an environmentally sensitive childhood

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