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PV solar panels during installation


Bamboo-Textiles have joined the converted.
We have converted to solar power and are running our sewing machines and lights from our new solar PhotoVoltaic array on our roof

As predicted by the Department of Energy (DOE), electricity demand in the the EEC. will rise 20% by 2035.The great British public have been told, " there's "  only one possible way to meet such an astronomical increase efficiently and with no greenhouse-gas emissions…And that's with nuclear energy. This is nonsense. The altern- atives are wind, w - ave, solar, hydro and ground source heat pumps (exchangers). The Government here in the UK are giving a good deal  Feed in Tarriffs -  to those who generate electricity via these natural means.

We are making nappy liners, bamboo/ cotton cot sheets, 100% bamboo duvet covers and 100% bamboo fitted sheets and all our other products using the sun for our power.

We are so pleased with our installers Renewable Solutions UK of Liverpool and thank Lancashire County Council for their 50% grant towards the cost.


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