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Bam boom in the bedroom !! - Bamboo Sheets, Duvet Covers and Bamboo Pillow Cases

Bamboo sheets, bamboo duvet covers and bamboo pillowcases are getting more popular.

Bamboo is not only growing abundantly in the mountain forest of China but the number of people who are turning to bamboo bedlinen is also growing in the UK.

Bamboo fibre is a new material developed at the beginning of this decade to compete with cotton and other organic fibres.

Moso bamboo is the largest of the temperate zone bamboo species used for bamboo fibre production, it is the most economically important bamboo species in Chiana too. Believe it or not it is this type of bamboo which is also edible, so it starts off being soft in the middle.

Bamboo is immune to pests so pesticides are not used in cultivation or of course in the wild.

Bamboo is greatly hydroscopic, absorbing three times its own weight. Bamboo bedlinen is therefore about 30% more water absorbent than cotton. Cotton however also need irrigation and pesticides, in fact cotton plantations throughout the world use 20% of all pesticides produced. If cotton had any feelings it would be ashamed of itself!

The price of cotton in the bale has shot up by 20% this year during March and April so bamboo is relatively less in price now than it was at the beginning of 2010.

Now is the time to buy bedlinen from Bamboo Textiles Ltd of Lancashire in Great Britain.

Bamboo has a naturally inherent anti bacterial property so it therefore is naturally deodorising - which is why our bamboo socks are wonderful too.

The feel of bamboo fitted sheets, bamboo duvet covers and bamboo pillowcases is a feel close to a combination of silk and cotton. Our bamboo pillows have bamboo fabric for the outside cover - the tick, and antibacterial polyester filling, the very best fibre we could find.

We also make bamboo pillowcases to match the beautiful bamboo sheets and bamboo duvet covers.

On an environmental note again, bamboo takes up more greenhouse gases than cotton in fact it produces 35% more oxygen from carbon dioxide than trees.

Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton, is naturally anti bacterial, also gives a higher yield per acre. Who said cotton is best.

Bamboo is easily washable although it does need ironing like cotton. It washes at less than 40 degrees.

Not surprising then that people in the know, who appreciate the best things in life, are also turning to bamboo bedlinen. Luxury with a conscience.


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