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Organic Bath Sheet Towels - Super Absorbent Bamboo

A luxurious bamboo towel can make so much difference to how you start the day. Nobody can disagree with this.

When we wrap ourselves up in a large dry towel after our morning shower we feel cosseted and protected against the harsh world outside.   The psychological effect of being enveloped in something warm and cosy is obvious but not something we would not necessarily sit and think about. However it is well known amongst medics that the benefits of warm dry bamboo bath towels are measurable increases in relaxation.

We are very concerned at Bamboo Textiles that our customers are very happy with our bamboo bath sheets and large bath towels. We do not make claims that cannot be proved although it is difficult sometimes, however bamboo is very much more absorbent than cotton, about 30% more absorbent. Our bath sheets and bath towels are made from a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. The cotton allows the towel to be slightly less soft and to give it a better feel against the skin.

We are anxious to make sure that all the benefits of our products are understood and appreciated. If our bamboo bath towels are more absorbent than ordinary cotton towels it means that you, our customer, can enjoy a few more minutes in bed. This is because it will take less time to dry yourself after the early morning shower, or perhaps you need to save time in the gym - ideal either way!

Not many products can promise that. Indulgence costs so little. Stoics may not fully agree with being pampered but an extra few minutes in bed is an extra few minutes in bed.

Wonderfully absorbent, high quality eco-friendly Bamboo Bath Sheet Towel, 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton in Natural cream. Approx size 94cm x 168cm. Made in the UK.

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