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family planning, buy cot sheets before baby arrives!


Both new Mums and new Dads want the very best for new additions to the family. Not to mention Granny!

Plan ahead. Its time to buy cot sheets, cot pillows and cot pillowcases now before baby is born.

The team at Bamboo Textiles Ltd has been working hard to find the best fabrics to make anti bacterial cot sheets. Not only are these fitted cot sheets super hygienic but also as soft as silk and cashmere. Cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

How is this possible we hear you ask. Well its all in the shape of each little fibre.

The same goes for bamboo cot pillow cases and even bamboo covered cot pillows.

And as for the other advantages which babies will appreciate they are such instinctive little things- well, Bamboo Textiles are made here in Lancashire in Great Britain. And this is good for nation as it makes sure that British jobs are sustained.

Bamboo fibre is a new material developed during the first couple of years of the 21st century. Moso bamboo is the largest temperate zone bamboo species and not the type which pandas like to munch, so ne danger to the panda in making this wonderful natural fibre.

Bamboo can be spun purely or blended with other materials. Our fitted cot sheets are a combination of bamboo and cotton, but mostly bamboo.

As it is anti bacterial it has a natural deodorizing action, which is why amongst other reasons we supply bamboo socks, bamboo nappies and bamboo wipes.

The bamboo comes in having grown in plantations and the wild at at least one metre a day and is made into a pulp through a process of hydrolysis-alkalisation. The pulp is then extruded into a long fibre.

From these fibres we have the cloth woven specially for us and then we make this cloth into very high quality fitted cot sheets for you our customer here in the ancient heart of the textile industry.

Bamboo fibres like cotton are hydroscopic but bamboo is about 30% more hydroscopic than cotton, that is bamboo is much more absorbent.

With babies this hydrophilic property is a great advantage and it keeps them cool.

And you will be helping the planet because bamboo cultivation means there is more absorption of CO2.

Technically it is a type of grass and it grows faster than any other grass. It produces 35% more oxygen from carbon dioxide than trees.

Now if all these aspects do not make you get on and order all our products not just bamboo cot pillows, bamboo cot sheets and bamboo cot pillowcases then frankly we think you shoul start at the beginning and read all this again, then surely you will be convinced.


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