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Bamboo Cot Sheets

Bamboo Textiles make Bamboo Cot Sheets, Bamboo Pillowcases and Cot Pillows for little ones.

We all want the very best for our babies and our Bamboo cot sheets just have to be the best for your precious little addition to the family.

Made in the very finest bamboo and cotton fibre blend we at Bamboo Textiles are proud of our addition to the Bedroom and Baby ranges. In fact our bamboo fitted cot sheets range is our own new baby!

The inherent anti-bacterial property of this mixture of fibres ensures that baby is protected and protected naturally without any chemicals or additives   We believe passionately in making products which minimise the long term impact on the environment. Bamboo is as sustainable as you can get in the world of textiles.  It provides nutrients to replenish its growth but most important of all it provides a lot of oxygen to help reduce the CO2 build up.

Available in three sizes 60 x 120cm, 63 x 126cm and 70 x 140cm we are able to cover most cot mattresses and cot bed mattresses.

Our Bamboo fitted cot sheets are the right price too so you get the best quality at the best price because they are made right here in our Lancashire.

We also have Cot Pillows covered in bamboo fabric and bamboo pillowcases too.

This could make a really wonderful gift and one that must be appreciated by any new parent who has room for only the very highest standards.

Warm in winter but cool in summer the extraordinary properties of bamboo make it the new fibre for today’s new generation. Bamboo is 30% more hydroscopic than cotton absorbing more of that smelly baby waste. And because it's anti bacterial it even reduces the pong!


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