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Cooling whilst warming

We could all be forgiven for looking out of our windows and watching the snow falling and thinking this is a funny sort of global warming.  Of course it goes a lot deeper than that (the GW not the snow!)

We at Bamboo Textiles listen to the news and watch TV documentaries with the conclusion that we must reduce CO2 emissions along with arresting the growth of pollutants such as pesticides.  It is very difficult to grow cotton without both of these elements.
As for CO2, Bamboo absorbs the stuff in much greater quantities per hectare than cotton. When buying Bamboo sheets, bamboo duvet covers and bamboo pillowcases our customers are making a significant and conscientious decision to reduce the usage of precious water supplies, as well as pesticides.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the luxury of bamboo textile products whilst others just talk about sackcloth and ashes.


Merry Christmas to All our Existing Customers and those yet to discover us!!


The Bamboo Textiles Team.


23rd December 2009, 13:26

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