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Delivery, postage costs

The more you spend the cheaper it becomes.

We usually use Royal Mail because they do not charge VAT so you do not pay VAT either.

However although we get proof of postage,  if the goods do not arrive with you then we will provide the information you will need for chasing delivery. We cannot do this for you. Only one parcel has been lost in 7 years and out of over 3500 orders.

postage charges (system will calculate automatically)

order value £1 - £15   postage cost £3.50

 ................£15.01 - £40    ....    ....        ..  £6.50

.... .. .......£40.01 - £100    ...     .....     .. £9.50

.............£100.01-  £200   ...      ....      .. £12.50

200.01 and over                             free delivery


Thread Count

The thread count fallacy explained.  We say: Never mind the Quantity ~ Feel the Quality!


It’s really a rather clever marketing ploy to get people hung up on numbers rather than quality.

When retailers and manufacturers boast about the thread count of the cloth in bed-sheeting it does not take into account the yarn thickness (also measured in English cotton count - ECC).

Ours is 40s count in both the warp and the weft. (1s ECC count = 1 x 840 yards to 1lb so 2s is 2 x 840 to 1lb and so forth) hope you’re still with us?  You then have the number of threads per inch in the warp (vertical) and the weft (horizontal).

Our Bamboo viscose /cotton Bed Linen sheeting is 110 in the warp and 90 in the weft. This means that our sheeting fabric is 200 threads per inch.

One of the main ways of judging the quality is however the weight of the cloth and you have to include the thickness and weight of the yarn to give any meaning to “thread count”. Most people don’t bother because there is nothing to be proud of.

We are very proud of the cloth which we use in all our products, especially our Bamboo viscose / cotton bedding.  Ours is 165grams per square metre. 

All this may have confused you even more but they are the facts and we hope you will feel confident enough in our quality to make a purchase then recommend our products to your friends and family.

In Summary and to reiterate again: Never mind the Quantity ~ Feel the Quality!



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