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Girls Pyjamas Skijamas bamboo/cotton, 70/30 viscose from Bamboo / cotton

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Girls  Pyjamas Skijamas bamboo/cotton, 70/30 viscose from Bamboo / cotton

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 absorbs perspiration and keeps boys warm not sweaty and girls glowing not perspiring. Price reduced by 50% girls Skijamas/ pyjamas aged 1 - 1/2 . 8 Other sizes are just 9.00. With the added benefit of viscose from bamboo / cotton blend, 70/30 viscose from Bamboo / cotton  soft absorbent PJ's at their best.  Ideal for sensitive skin  conditions. Available in Pink with pale pink ankles and cuffs. The ankles and cuffs are designed to limit the sleeves and legs riding up.  From our Bamboocare range,  . for ages 1 to 9 inclusive. They are made from a fabric tested by the University of Central Lancashire School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences.    Anti Microbial test result by University of Central Lancs Test results  "

         E. coli shows a significant retardation of growth with the 70% bamboo combined with 30% cotton dyed and knitted pyjama fabric.

Our bamboo viscose blend products have a 91% - 99% inhibition rate for staphylococcus aureus bacteria (24 hours). Also 85% inhibition rate for candida albicans bacteria (24 hours). They retain these anti-bacterial qualities even after numerous washes.



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