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Gym Sweat Towel pack of 2 . 95% viscose from bamboo

Gym Sweat Towel pack of 2 . 95% viscose from bamboo

£12.50 incl. VAT
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 Gym Sweat Towel -  , 70%/30% viscose from Bamboo and cotton blend. If different colours are required please state which you would like.  Light weight, compact and ultra absorbent .  We are making these bigger than before so that you will not have to stretch them back to shape after the first wash. Please wash first without detergent before using to allow the fibres to expand.

Our Gym Towels are ideal for your workout, no  matter what your routine in the gym, they're super absorbent and feel great when you are in sweat - just the thing to help you stay dry and fresh and looking cool.

Customers have also told us they use them as a great little hand towel for their children!

Available in Natural Cream with choice of piping edges; lime, blue or pink. Size: 30cm x 70cm.  Made by us in the UK.

Why Bamboo?


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet with some species growing at a rate of 3 feet per day. It requires no chemicals or assistance to grow, in fact it's a type of grass!

Here’s just a few reasons why we’ve decided to make gym sweat towels from Bamboo.  The inherent advantages of bamboo viscose fibre include a host of benefits, such as a very comfortable soft feel, natural ..... properties, high absorbency, great UV protection, quick drying times, the list goes on.  Try it for yourself, order a gym sweat towel today, we love them and are sure you will too.


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