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boys skijamas viscose from Bamboo

boys skijamas viscose from Bamboo

£11.75 incl. VAT
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 70/30 boys skijamas, ski underwear, extremely soft, very absorbent, cool when hot, warm when cold. price reduction fro 15, to 10 age 1-11/2  From 15 to 11.75 ages 2 -to 9

 bamboo is a viscose fibre  derived from naturally grown bamboo on the slopes of hills in China

Why Bamboo?

The results from two studies suggest that our pyjama fabric will prevent the growth of Streptococcus G. and a significant retardation of growth of E. coli .  School of Parmacy UCLAN test results :2009 Study : Overall the results would suggest that  30% Cotton + 70% bamboo that had been washed 50 times appear to be able to reduce the growth of MRSA.  Similar to MRSA, it can be seen that Bamboo, when combined with either Polyester or Cotton, had an inhibitory effect on the growth of C.difficile.


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