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viscose from Bamboo Baby Cuddle Robe with hood & wash cloth

viscose from Bamboo Baby Cuddle Robe with hood & wash cloth

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Bamboo Organic Cotton Baby Products - Bamboo Baby Cuddle Robe with hood and baby wash towel

Adorable cuddle robe with hood and 30cm square wash towel. Wonderful for babies skin after bath time. Feels wonderfully soft and snuggly. 90% viscose from Bamboo towelling in natural cream colour  with integral hood.... ( and the ultimate in cuddle care. Cream binding edges. Size 75cm x 75cm. Made in UK. This cuddle robe has no arms just a square with a soft cosy hood

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet with some species growing at a rate of 3 feet per day. It requires no chemicals or assistance to grow, in fact it's a weed!

The inherent properties of Bamboo viscose fabric allow the production of the same products as cotton and it's naturally  soft too.

our products are made from viscose from Bamboo / cotton


*We have had our fabrics which our products are made from tested by the University of Central Lancashire School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in their laboratories, but because according to Trading Standards Dept Camden Council say had "carrying out studies in a laboratory setting where everything is staged is not a close enough replication to the real world for you to make the claims" we have had to remove the word .... from our website

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