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When we describe our products are a bamboo blend  we mean viscose from bamboo, We have had our fabrics, which our products are made from, tested by the University of Central Lancashire School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in their laboratories, but because according to Trading Standards Dept Camden Council say "carrying out studies in a laboratory setting where everything is staged is not a close enough replication to the real world for you to make the claims" we have to remove the word anti-bacterial from our website. By Bamboo blend we mean a combination of bamboo viscose combined with some cotton is much more...  than 100% cotton. One exception in the tests carried out at the University of Central Lancashire which when tested on our fabrics showed only a minor reduction. 

The inherent properties of Organic Bamboo fabric allow the production of the same products as cotton, linen and synthetics. The difference is that Bamboo has a naturally extraordinary element due to the somewhat mysterious “bamboo kun”. This is particularly effective when blended with a little cotton.

2012 Study: The results from this study suggest that our pyjama fabric will prevent the growth of Streptococcus G. and a significant retardation of growth of E. coli .  2009 Study : Overall the results would suggest that  30% Cotton + 70% bamboo that had been washed 50 times appear to be able to reduce the growth of MRSA.  Similar to MRSA, it can be seen that Bamboo, when combined with either Polyester or Cotton, had an inhibitory effect on the growth of C.difficile.

As well as being 100% organically grown and a totally sustainably grown eco-friendly alternative to Cotton, Bamboo viscose fabric is also beautiful to look at and feels so soft, it really is kind to skin.

We have decided to focus on the creation of items needed for hygiene and healthcare such as soft and super absorbent towels, natural bedding, cool T shirts and pyjamas for people who suffer from skin conditions. We manufacture most of the products in our own mill in Lancashire, the traditional home of textile manufacturing.

Bamboo is amazing! it has a higher tensile strength than steel and is often used as a scaffolding material in construction in Asia, it is also possible to extract the fibres chemically and produce a yarn with unique properties. This yarn is then woven to form a bamboo viscose fabric and from that it is made into beautiful bamboo viscose clothing.


The wider use of Bamboo derived products will create jobs again in Lancashire and other areas of the UK. We also source finished products from further afield; these have been selected on the basis of quality and ethical production. Saving the planet without costing the earth.


viscose from Bamboo Baby Cuddle Robe with hood & wash cloth

Adorable cuddle robe with hood and 30cm square wash towel. Makes an ideal gift for new born babies. Unparalleled softness.
Part number: BB7

viscose from Bamboo/cotton Bath Towel (with cotton)

Natural luxury you can enjoy everyday! You'll be amazed at how soft they feel against your skin. . Natural Bamboo Fibre and cottonTowels 550 grams per square metre gsm weight. size 70cms x 140cms 27.5" x 55"
Part number: BR2

Viscose from Bamboo and Cotton Blend Pillow Cases

Keep a cool head with these high quality woven viscose from Bamboo & Cotton Blend pillowcases. Packed in pairs. Luxury bedlinen to enjoy at the end of the day. Colour natural cream. Size 50cm x 75cm. Made in UK.
Part number: B9

viscose from Bamboo and cotton Bath Sheet (BIG towel cotton blend)

Wrap yourself up in natural luxury! You'll be amazed at how soft they feel against your skin. 30% more absorbent than cotton towels. Colour natural cream. 550grams per square metre (gsm) 100cms x 160 cms (39.5" x 63")
Part number: BR3

Baby Towel made from Cotton and viscose from bamboo 95%

Luxury viscose from Bamboo towels for new baby. 50cm x 50cm ,10% polyester for easy washing. Super absorbent, soft and ecologically sustainably grown bamboo. Great value. softer than our bath towels. Colour: cream. They are made from fabric, tested
Part number: BB15

viscose from Bamboo cotton Seconds single Duvet Cover (reject)

Bargain luxury. Single duvet cover 70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton. Colour natural cream. Seconds due to mark on fabric. Approx size 140cm x 200cm. Made in UK. Slight mark should wash out

viscose from Bamboo makeup removal towel 50cm sq(2 pack)

"Bamboocare" makeup removal towels. 2 in a pack. saves money on non organic disposable makeup wipes.50cm x 50cm £10 pack will last 12 months, easily washed even at very high temperature. a genuine quality British product. bamboo is a viscose fibre

Special Offer - viscose from Bamboo cotton Pillow Cases Slight seconds.bamboo cotton, 70/30 viscose from Bamboo / cotton

Keep a cool head with these high quality woven bamboo cotton, 70/30 viscose from Bamboo / cotton organic pillowcases. Packed in pairs. Luxury organically grown bedlinen. Colour natural cream. Slight seconds.
Part number: B9

viscose from Bamboo Covered Pillow Medium / Firm

High quality - exceptional value. Firm pillow with 100% viscose from Bamboo Cover. Superior quality polyester anti allergenic anti-bacterial filling. Approx size 50cm x 76cm. see Medium Firm too. cream
Part number: B12F

Viscose from bamboo / Cotton Duvet Cover - Single

Blissful bedding you'll just love. Single duvet cover 70% Bamboo viscose , 30% Cotton. Colour natural cream. Approx size 140cm x 200cm. bamboo is a viscose fibre derived from naturally grown bamboo on the slopes of hills in China Made in UK. price redu
Part number: B1

Muslin Squares cotton pack of 10

Muslin squares posseting cloth 100% cotton 10 in a pack. Approx size 63cm x 71cm. Imported cloth. need washing before using.
Part number: BCMS

viscose from Bamboo Wash Mit (bamboo viscose 95%)

viscose from Bamboo Wash Mitt gentle and hygienic. 95% bamboo (bamboo viscose 95%)with cotton trim. Colour natural cream. Made in UK. Matches the cuddle robes, baby towels and face cloth. covers wrist so water doesn't travel up your arm. bamboo is a visc
Part number: mit

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