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We have had our fabrics which our products are made from tested by the University of Central Lancashire School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in their laboratories, but because according to Trading Standards Dept Camden Council say had "carrying out studies in a laboratory setting where everything is staged is not a close enough replication to the real world for you to make the claims" we have to remove the word ... from our website
22 March 2017

info taken from the internet re how eco friendly bamboo fibre is

please read the attached , it may help you decide if Bamboo fabric is green or not
14 March 2017


Tests carried out by the University of Central Lancashire, School of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences
2012 Study: The results from this study suggest that our pyjama fabric will prevent the growth of Streptococcus G. and a significant retardation of growth of E. coli . 2009 Study : Overall the results would suggest that 30% Cotton + 70% bamboo that had been washed 50 times appear to be able to reduce the growth of MRSA. Similar to MRSA, it can be seen that Bamboo, when combined with either Polyester or Cotton, had an inhibitory effect on the growth of C.difficile.
11 March 2017
Bamboo OEKO-100-FASTER (7)

growing bamboo is much more eco friendly than growing cotton

Bamboo grows on mountain slopes, it requires no irrigation, it needs no chemicals. Cotton needs both including pesticides,
06 March 2017

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