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Bamboo Textiles eco-friendly natural organic cotton alternative

The inherent properties of Bamboo fabric allow the production of the same products as cotton, but Bamboo is better than cotton.

Yes, Bamboo beats cotton on every count! Bamboo cotton blend is a very highly effective anti bacterial combination (tested to 50 washes). We have had it tested by a specialist microbiologist at the University of Central Lancashire.

It is more hydrophilic than cotton so is more absorbent

From bedding to nappies and cleaning cloths to socks Bamboo is more breathable, itís more absorbent than cotton but it dries nearly as quickly, itís naturally antibacterial (tested up to 50 washes) especially when combined with some cotton, we have had all the fabrics used in the products tested twice by School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire . Bamboo has another wonderful property, itís softer to the touch yet it is as durable than cotton but for that extra wet strength we add cotton to the blend when the yarn is spun, and itís much more ecologically sustainable.  growing bamboo needs no chemical fertiliser, no pesticides and no irrigation.

Itís wonderful and we love it.  We hope you do too!



Great News - We now ship overseas!!

Please just email us at letting us know exactly what you would like to order, quantities and your shipping address, so that we may provide you with a specific quote. we normally use surface mail which does take longer to receive.

Overseas orders are welcome, but please remember to contact us before placing your order online for the up-to-date delivery costs to your destination.


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our wonderful products are anti bacterial

they are made from bamboo and cotton. £12,000 was spent 2009 and 2012 to ascertain if they really are anti bacterial. The tests proved they are . All the fabrics were tested (MRSA EColi, C Difficile) Very little resistance to C Difficile but the others tested anti bacterial, SIGNIFICANTLY

cot sheets are anti-bacterial as tested by University of Central Lancashire

MRSA and other major and minor pathogens are arrested in their growth therefore this anti bacterial fibre combination is truly remarkable and deserves more recognition. see photo of our cot sheet.
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Examples from our Range

Bamboo Baby Cuddle Robe with hood & wash towel

Adorable cuddle robe with hood and 30cm square wash towel. Makes an ideal gift for new born babies.
Part number: BB7

Bamboo Bath Towel (with cotton)

Natural luxury you can enjoy everyday! You'll be amazed at how soft they feel against your skin. . Natural Bamboo Fibre and cottonTowels 550 grams per square metre gsm weight. size 70cms x 140cms 27.5" x 55"
Part number: BR2

Bamboo Bath Sheet (BIG towel cotton blend)

Wrap yourself up in natural luxury! You'll be amazed at how soft they feel against your skin. 30% more absorbent than cotton towels. Colour natural cream. 550grams per square metre (gsm) 100cms x 160 cms (39.5" x 63")
Part number: BR3

bamboo makeup removal towel 50cm sq(2 pack)

"Bamboocare" makeup removal towels. 2 in a pack. saves money on non organic disposable makeup wipes.50cm x 50cm £10 pack will last 12 months, easily washed even at very high temperature. a genuine quality British product Can be used time after time. 2 p

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